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YUBISASHI USA touch&talk

5.99 usd

This is an Android App for the best-selling book series more than 510 million copies sold, “Point-and-Speak Phrasebook” This application offers you our original communication tool “Touch and Talk” including the Camera, Map, Memo and “YUBISASHI Channel” as new functions.Please see the “Terms of use” for the supported OS. Once you have downloaded, this application can be used without an internet connection. To access to the “YUBISASHI Channel”, it is necessary to connect to the internet.If you want to find the other titles, please search with the word “YUBISASHI” (Frequently updated)In case of failure such as sound problems, please uninstall the application and install again. (If you install using the same ID, there is no additional charge.)
■ Listening to the English pronunciation as much as you want!Touch the screen and listen to the English native speakers' pronunciation. It can also be used for English language study.
■ Lots of useful words and phrases in various situations!It contains selected useful words and phrases in 21 situations from transportation to eating, shopping and trouble.
■ Easy-to-follow illustrations!It helps you to find the words you need easily and also have a lively conversation with locals. You don’t have to understand the grammar. It contains the phrases used in a daily conversation. You can easily communicate just by touching the screen. This application can be used for many situations such as;-Travel and business trip to America -Study and homestay in America-First step for studying English -To increase practical vocabularies
New functions
・BookshelfEnjoy the sample version of electric book for the various countries “Point-and-Speak Phrasebook”. This application can be used without an internet connection once you have downloaded.The favorite content can be purchased directly from the bookshelf.
・ YUBISASHI ChannelProvides information on the journey.It is necessary to connect to the internet to use this function.
・Emergency ContactEmergency contact such as Embassies in Japan, police stations and hospitals.
・MapYou can conduct searches such as the hot spot search or search for a route from your current location.
・CameraYou can post your photos to Facebook and Twitter
・MemoYou can leave notes about your destination or your flight timeYou can also post your notes onto Facebook and Twitter.
・New functions and improvement of UI◎ You can use the following functions by touching and holding a screen of each phrase.-Share on SNS-Add to bookmarks-Copy
◎ Improvement of displaying the phrasesEnlarge the phrases by touching the screen.
◎ Improvement of turning the pages Turn the pages smoother and faster than before.
Terms of use
Supported OS : Android4.0 or later
In case of failure, please contact us via e-mail.
“YUBISASHI” is a registered trademark of Joho Center Publishing Co. Ltd.
(C)2015 Joho Center Publishing Co. Ltd
Publisher Joho Center Publishing Co. Ltd